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of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said told the water is gone from that pool -- today the water is gone from that pool. if that is true, it means there would be nothing to stop a potential meltdown, but the japanese tonight deny that. as for the survivors, the earthquake and tsunami has ripped away life as they knew it. hundreds of thousands of people are crammed into makeshift shelters across japan and all the while still dealing with almost hourly aftershocks, freezing cold temperatures outside and food rationing. the infrastructure roads where cars once drove are now cracked and buckled. major supply lines are disrupted and with the country's nuclear power plants in peril electricity is in short supply making it harder to deliver even the very basics to those in desperate need. people are waiting in long lines. they're about 1/2-mile long in some cases just to get their hands on those basic needs. >> translator: i don't have gas. i don't have kerosene for heat. i don't have electricity. i don't have anything at all in my home. to survive all i can do is wait no matter how lo
. >> reporter: but what if something does happen in the u.s.? the federal government has evacuation plans in place for people living within 10 miles of a potential disaster, but the u.s. warned americans to stay at least 50 miles away from the fukushima power plant prompting the question from a new jersey senator at a hearing on capitol hill today. >> why not require the same kind of evacuation plan to address the same distance here at home? >> reporter: the head of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission defended the u.s. policy. >> we believe 10 miles is sufficient, but that is not necessarily the end of any protective action. you could take additional action beyond that, if necessary. >> reporter: back here in japan radiation readings are showing substantially higher than recommended within the exclusion zone and that's likely to add to the growing debate over just how far people should stay away from the dai- ichi complex. fox news. >>> several penalties for unreliable maryland utilities, the state senate approved an amendment today that would allow penalizing utilities that aren't mee
nathan to u.s. attorney for the district nathan says information developed during this investigation says these funds may have been mishandled and goes on to say the district of columbia office of the attorney general reviewed the matter and is now referring the matter to the office of the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia for further investigation and appropriate action. >> it's an extremely frustrating and disappointing feeling, but i'm hoping that someone somewhere will say i'm the one accountable for this. >> reporter: we e-mailed several time requesting a comment from schools chancellor kaya henderson. her spokeswoman says all questions should be directed to the attorney general's office. >> maureen, what's the aarp saying about all this? >> they say a senior media relations manager tells me because that money was awarded and not a grant they had no reason to follow up. so they really didn't. >> hope they learn where it all went. >>> this northern virginia school bus driver is one of seven people facing charges tonight after getting caught up in an online sting of child pred
. >>> a resolution condemning gross and cyst maleic violations of human rights in libya. meanwhile u.s. navy ships are now headed to the mediterranean if the president decides it is time to take action. >>> two fires inland over more than two dozen people homeless and a firefighter injuried the first at 12:45 p.m., walker mill road then 7:00 p.m. an apartment fire on land over road. a firefighter fell 15 feet from a ladder. >>> hundreds of millions ovoidal lars down the drain every year because of -- of dollars down the drain every year because of overlapping programs. >>> will, thank very much caps islanders game came down to the final seconds you will never guess who was the hero again, great 8 with everything on the line, post caps trade deadline, and caps hockey looking as good as ever. breast harper sighting coming up in sports. >> let's check out some of the other stories we are working on including shocking video of a world famous designer. news edge at 11 back in 60 seconds  >>> overlap, lack of communication, redundancy being used to describe vast sums of your mone
and tsunami struck. >>> the disaster is only beginning to take its toll on automakers worldwide. one u.s. plant has temporarily shut down and that may be just the beginning. the disaster has already forced toyota to stop production until at least next week in japan. about 70% of vehicles sold in the u.s. are north american made. however, the new prius hybrid is assembled in japan. some dealers already taking advantage of expected shortages. >> you're going to see a price spike certainly in the popular models. >> reporter: general motors has temporarily shut down a truck plant in louisiana because they could not get enough japanese made parts. ford motor company has not been affected yet. >> we have had no production disruptions, but we're going to continue to monitor, continue to work with our suppliers and minimize any impact on our operations and i think the whole industry will go through that and this will be a situation that will play itself out literally over the next days and weeks. >> reporter: the shutdowns will become more common in the weeks ahead. the reason? lack of parts fro
. >> we'll have to see if they do a mental evaluation. they haven't yet. dr. lisa van u.s. is earn, thank you. >>> a -- van u.s. is earn, thank you. >>> a -- van sustern. >>> a possible motive in this murder. 81-year-old nazir ahmed was robbed last week. today prosecutors say there were 40 bucks missing from his wallet. rohan goodlett is accused of killing a 41-year-old man as he was walking home from work. >>> the edge on virginia where a search was continued in loudoun county for 21-year-old bethany anne decker who was last seen in january. today officers were combing an area off the loudoun county parkway near the greenway toll road in ashburn. hasn't been in activity on decker's cell phone, bank accounts or e-mail since she vanished. >>> another suv raising big questions at d.c. city hall tonight. we know the city didn't pay for this luxury ride. that's the good news. who did and is it all on the up and up? >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. @  >>> keep you updated on the breaking news, here in the district an amber alert has been issued for two missing
with life and his new face. >> the u.s. military paid for the transplant. it is hoping to use what it learned to help soldiers also suffering with severe facial wounds. >>> the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. >>> right off the top tonight a murder mystery is rocking a quiet maryland community. a man was gunned down in broad daylight as he walked home from work today around 4:00 north high street in olney. the murder comes days after a suspicious death on olney mill road last week. fox 5's audrey barnes in the newsroom with the news edge. >> this quiet hard working man had just moved to this country from sri lanka six months ago to start a new life. tonight detectives are searching for the person who ended it all. >> he was working outside my house and then i heard the gunshot. >> reporter: and when he ran a block away to north high street for a closer look, he saw his nephew lying in the street unresponsive after being shot. >> i can't believe what happened. how can i believe what happened because he doesn't have any enemies? he just been in this co
power and leave. >> the president also announced today he has ordered u.s. relief agencies to help evacuees return to their home countries and send humane tearian aid to libyan borders. >>> new developments in the wisconsin labor fight. >> reporter: dozens of pro union protesters have vacated the state capitol after a 17-day sit-in. a judge ordered them out so it can be cleaned. they can reconvene tomorrow morning. those protesters are against the governor's bill that would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights. >>> that navy admiral is suggesting punishment for the commander who was behind these videos. the recommendation that captain owen honors be sensured. >>> the maryland contractor jailed on suspicion of spying will go on trial in cuba tomorrow. prosecutors are seeking a 20-year prison term for allen gross. gross's family says he was distributing communication equipment to the jewish community when he was arrested. cuba says he was part a plan to destabilize their government. >>> a bold plan for maryland's governor would create jobs, help the state
but did so unknowingly. the judge called that ridiculous. >>> president obama holding firm the u.s. will hand over control of the air assault on lybia in a few days. there is still questions about how. the president spoke with leaders if britain and france today to try and iron out plans. mr. obama told the media american planes will not maintain the no fly zone after the transition to an international coalition. meanwhile gadhafi made his first public appearance in a week going on tv and telling the nation this is a glorious time. >>> big changes are coming to crystal city. of course, thank to the military's base realignment plan, half its government workforce is on the way out. what does that mean for the future of the area? we'll take a closer look. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> the department of defense expects to save $2.5 billion a year by consolidating its workforce and moving into government-owned buildings. one area most affected will be, of course, crystal city where 1/3 of its office space will be emptied by the moves. fox 5's money r
defending his decision to send u.s. warships and planes to fight in lybia. it's his first address to the nation on the matter following loud criticism from capitol hill. fox 5's laura evans is here now with what the president had to say. >> the president said failure to act in lybia would have been a betrayal of who we are as americans. he says it all boils down to gadhafi's brutal agrees amounting to a humanitarian crisis and he would not let that happen on his watch. >> we were faced with a prospect of violence on a horrific scale. we had a unique ability to stop that violence, an international mandate for action, a broad coalition prepared to join us, the support of arab countries and a plea for help from the libyan people themselves. we also have the ability to stop gadhafi's forces in their tracks without putting american troops on the ground. >> the president says the u.s. has done what it set out to do and announced that on wednesday nato will take command of the operation. meantime anti-gadhafi forces are making big gains closing in on key locations. the president did reit
town west of tripoli. opposition fighters appear to be running out of territory. the u.s. continues to urge gadhafi to stop the attacks. >>> here at home a year long investigation finally over and a report on the d.c. parks and recs controversy is calling on the u.s. attorney's office for further review, but one of two contractors investigated for questionable practices is claiming the report vindicated him and former mayor adrian fenty. sinclair skinner, a fenty frat brother appeared at a press conference today wearing his fraternity jacket. the investigation was launched a year ago when millions of dollars for parks project was diverted around the normal council review process. money went to companies owned by skinner and another fenty frat brother omar karrem. some say they feel the former fenty friends were not for the coming in the investigation, but the former mayor does have his defendants. >> what i find troubling and have not counted yet how many times the particular subjects in this matter said they did not recall or did not know. >> saying that there was no wrongdoing on
butt he dropped to dna in the cases. u.s. marshals arrested thomas at his home in connecticut without incident. investigators in our region are questioning thomas tonight. they will hook at whether there are other cases -- look at whether there are other cases linked to him. there are years between some of the rapes he is suspected of. >>> we are continuing to follow that nursing strike at med star washington hospital center, hundreds of nurses walking off the job today. hospital officials say they will respond. fox 5's wisdom martin is in the newsroom with the very latest. >> the nurses did come to the washington hospital center today but they didn't come to work. they hit the pick the line from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. meanwhile inside the hospital their replacements went to work. >> we are the nurses! your mighty mighty nurses. >> reporter: they started at 7:00 in the morning. for the rest of the day hundreds of washington hospital center nurses protested. it was a one day strike organized by the workers to protest what they called management's failure to put patients first. >> the most
of africa in february, then shooting the owners and their two friends while negotiating with the u.s. navy. this is the first time americans have been killed in the wave of pirate attacks in the past few years. the pirates are being tried in federal court in norfolk. >>> planning on a night out this weekend? if metro is your ride, you might need to call it an early saturday night. how daylight savings time will affect your plans. >>> and a break-through in the treatment of lupus, details on a new drug just approved by the fda, put first quick check of that all important rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. tt6wút)k@ádáj"!gbo& >>> as gas prices approach $4 a gallon debate is picking up on capitol hill trying to find out who is to blame. >> under the american energy initiative we'll work to stop government policies that are driving up the price of gasoline, expand american energy production to lower costs and create jobs and promote our all of the above strategy to increase all forms of the american energy. >> democrats say the house republicans budget plan calls for cuttin
follow including the u.s. attorney. brown says he will tell his story to any law enforcement agency, local or federal, but when we pressed him on what he was asked here on capitol hill, well, he refused to get into it. they asking you the same questions that you've been asked before or what -- >> well, i won't get into the specific of what they asked and what they're looking for, but i will say that i'm doing my best to cooperate fully. >> reporter: brown says he's mentally exhausted. he tells us this entire process has been draining, but he says he's getting through it all with the support from members of community. >> i've gotten a lot of support from just random strangers telling me they're praying for me, they're looking out for me and i just want to say thank you. it means a lot. >> reporter: congressional sources told me today no official investigation has been launched by the oversight committee. staff members simply wanted to ask brown questions. is it important to point out that no member of -- it is important to point out that no member
illegally. three had already been deported and then came back to the u.s. illegally. and eight were fugitives. many have criminal histories including rape and robbery. and this bust is all part of a recent effort targeting criminal aliens. >> we're trying to arrest and remove people that commit crimes. if you don't, the statistics suggest that if they stay in our communities long enough if you're a offendser you're going to commit crimes 50 to 60%. >>> a statement from i.c.e. released today says in part we are a nation with a proud history of immigration. come here lawfully, play bithe rules by the rule, the united states will welcome you with open arms. >> what happens with those people who were arrested. >> there are a total of 139 men and 29 women, some of them are being criminally prosecuted and those who are not prosecuted will go on a list for deportation. >>> teenagers were offered four year full ride scholarships to a local university. the story is coming up next. >>> some gusty thunderstorms and a lot of hail out to our west but those showers are not leaving us. this may n
healthcare overturned. >>> there could be a big shakeup in the works for the u.s. in virginia. the chairman of the board of the prince william county board of supervisors is not ruling out a run. he said his first job is to win reelection as chairman but after that he could decide to charge former senator george allen for the gop nomination. he will decide by the end of the year. >> this is a very big complex state, but i'm not exactly an unknown quantity around the state. if i do decide to do that, i will be starting from a base of what i've been able to achieve in prince williams county. >> senate seat is up for grabs in 2012. democratic senator jim webb is not running for reelection. former governor tim kaine said he's considering a run. in fact, he's already received the support of both webb and president obama. >>> he was the last known american survivor of world war i. tonight the country is remembering frank buckles. we'll look back at the battle he fought for his fellow veterans right up till the very end. >>> plus the redskins officially ended the clinton portis area, more reaction
. the nurses have worked without a contract since last june. >>> with lybia sliding towards civil war the u.s. is among several countries considering military action. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> fierce fighting in lybia tonight, reports of government warplanes attacking rebel forces. nato is now weighing possible military options while officials from the united emirates are being called on to protect the libyans. gadhafi is reasserting his claim the unrest is a result of al qaeda. >>> military trials will resume for suspected terrorists at gone bay, president obama ordering -- at guantanamo bay, president obama ordering the trials to resort for detainees who haven't been charged. mr. obama has vowed to potentially close the facility. >>> labor negotiations between the nfl and players association continue with a new deadline four days away. after taking a break from talks over the weekend nfl commission are roger goodell and the rep from the players negotiation held a four our session told. the current collective barring -- today. the current collective bargaining agreement was orig
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17